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Need a new prop? Look no further as we sell the world’s best propellers …take a look

Typical OEM and aftermarket propellers in this series have little if any cupping, and the blade designs are swept back. We've noticed through our testing that other propellers have serious ventilation problems.

Our new designs have improved on OEM and other aftermarket designs, and now Rascal propellers are the best overall performing propellers for smaller horsepower motors.

With the revolutionary “MasterGuard Hub System” and a choice of models that's just right, we'll get you back on the water fast.

Superiority of the Baeksan outboard motor propeller - excellent performance, high quality and economical propeller.

Patent special aluminum alloy satisfying durability and mechanical property is used, which is suitable for leisure boat and work boat, proved by long research and test.

You can use the BaekSan propellers for various outboard motor engines in the range of 9.9 HP~300HP, which are designed and manufactured in various pitches and sizes.

You can replace the interchangeable hub kit for Mercury D and E class propellers very easily.

In case the propeller hits a rock or floating object during sailing, additional damage to the power transmission can be prevented thanks to the high impact absorption.

Economical Merits
The BaekSan Propellers can give high profit to everyone who have an outboard motor boat. BaekSan propellers are interchangeable with the genuine propellers of outboard motor engine brands, and our propellers are more economical.

Selection of the propeller
Choose the same diameter and pitch as the propeller you are using now. As the proepeller may be different depending on the engine and the boat, our dealers will help you select proper one.

Diameter & pitch
The diameter of the circle scribed by the blade tips as the propeller rotates. The linear distance that the propeller would move in one complete revolution. The selection of pitch is important for maximum efficiency of engine. Generally, the heavy boat has less pitch. BaekSan Propeller Co., Ltd. manufactures the full range of propeller for most outboard engine brands.

Simply tell us the engine brand, horsepower, diameter, and pitch, and we will send you the propeller with the best quality. Various diameters and pitches are available.


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